In the summer editorial, you are the star

Greek designers and brands, pieces inspired by Greece of style and glamour, in direct “communication” with the international fashion shows, modern accessories for every hour of the day: These are the raw materials that put Love Me Santorini immediately on the illustration map of summer shopping.

Even the best ingredients, however, do not guarantee the result if there is no correct “recipe”. In the concept store of Oia, next to the designs, colors and cosmopolitan aura, the owner Artemis Sigala added know-how and service to compose a unique consumer experience.

“There are many stores with beautiful clothes, especially in Santorini where female visitors have shows and are demanding” she says, looking back in time, to 2021, when she created Love Me Santorini with the founding blocks being her own shopping experiences from different points of the world.

“We didn’t want to make another chic clothing store, but to stand out. Before we proceed, I put myself in the shoes of the visitor who arrives here even from the other side of the Earth. Personally I would like to buy pieces that I love, every time I wear them they remind me of an exciting trip to a unique place. For this to happen, the memory of their purchase must also be special”.

At Love Me Santorini, the visitor will not only find herself in an up-to-date boutique, but find everything she needs to make a successful addition to her wardrobe. “Every piece in our showcases has been the result of study. We know how to recommend it, which body types it suits, what it can be combined with to highlight the personality of the woman who will wear it” says Artemis Sigala. “I have visited many famous boutiques abroad where the ‘distance’ with the managers made my purchases a standard procedure. Here we strive for the exact opposite: Every woman leaves with a smile. There is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer”.

Whether hunting for trends is your favorite hobby, or you get excited flipping through fashion editorials, but styling seems like a “science”, at Love Me Santorini you will find what you are looking for and wear it as if it was created exclusively for you. Because in Santorini, the island of the volcano, the incomparable Cycladic architecture and elegance, all women deserve to feel and be unique.

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