The NBA legend is completely infatuated with Greece

Magic Johnson has fallen in love with Greece and its natural beauties, as he continues to promote our country across the globe.

The NBA legend has become infatuated with our country, which he has visited very often in recent years. This year, he is in Greece for the second summer in a row, enjoying the Greek seas as he vacations by boat.

Magic was with his family last week in the Ionian Sea sailing on a 125 million euro superyacht, and a few days ago he took his yacht across the Corinth isthmus, was in Mykonos, and then stopped by for a steak in Santorini.

But it looks like the Ionian Sea has stolen his heart, so he returned to enjoy the deep blue waters of Kefalonia on jet skis.

He then had fun on his yacht with his crew and family dressed as a “Greek god” and enjoyed another sunset in our country.