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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
According to Mausoom, the country’s tourism industry has so far vaccinated 90 percent of its frontline workers, and about half of the overall population has received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. While there are now several nations allowing vaccinated travelers to visit without restriction (including the Maldives), the Maldives appears to be the first destination to announce its...
John A. Catsimatidis - Honorary Chairman"People yearning to breathe free" 200 Years of Hellenic IndependenceNew York, Sunday 6th, June 2021 #sailtofreedom#sailtofreedom2021nyc#greece2021nyc#wecelebratealltogether#WeAreAllGreeks#Greece2021 Source: Greece 2021 NYC
Greece is lifting its quarantine requirements for travelers from several countries starting next week, almost a month ahead of its May reopening date. Travelers from the European Union, the United States, Britain, Serbia, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates will not have to undergo the country's 7-day quarantine starting April 19, Reuters reported Wednesday. However all tourists will be subject to local lockdown...
What's on your bucket list? With so many places worth traveling to, it can be hard to narrow down your top spots to visit. Sometimes, it's the famous attractions, delicious food, and stunning hotels that draw us to a certain destination, and other times, it's the bragging rights that come with checking off every continent, country, or state. Whatever your...
Working from home has meant we’re more switched on to technology than ever, so we’ve rounded up the most sought-after off-grid places to stay in the UK. No Wi-Fi, limited or no phone signal and, for the really hardy, a handful of these properties don’t have electricity either. Glorious retreats set in miles of nature, giving you a chance to...
As spring blooms loom and snowpacks begin to melt, we’re entering what many nature lovers say is their favorite time of year: waterfall season. From thundering cascades to fairytale trickles, every waterfall has its own personality. Some are tall and skinny, streaming from precipitously high cliffs into churning whirlpools below. Others are gauzier, fanning out across staircases of rock and moss....
Whether you’re seeking to reconnect with your family heritage, move overseas, or simply want a second passport at your disposal, at least 50 countries offer some version of citizenship by descent. But brace yourself: The process of obtaining dual citizenship can be quite tedious, fraught with red tape and byzantine rules. While a number of countries—including France, Australia, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom,...
Seeing a rainbow, no matter how fleeting, is a spectacular sight. While it may feel rare to you to see one, it turns out there is a place where you can (nearly) guarantee seeing the colorful display nearly every single day. And that place is none other than the Aloha State. Steven Businger, a professor in the University of Hawaii Mānoa School...
Out on the edge of the Weather Islands, there’s no one to talk with about the weather. On this bout of cartographic measles north-west of Gothenburg, the wind is all-powerful. It rushes and snarls over hundreds of barren slabs of greyish granite, which provide safe harbour to yawning seals, turbo-clawed lobsters and one of the country’s two living coral reefs....
For travelers who want to lock in some of the cheapest airfares this year and still have the flexibility to change them without a fee, the next couple of days would be a good time to book. Airlines are poised to remove some of the flexibility they’ve introduced over the past year, just as a growing number of travelers...


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