Ms. Melina Travlou welcomed young students from the Merchant Marine Academies to the UGS headquarters

Keeping her commitment to an open, honest and systematic dialogue with the new generation, the president of the Hellenic Shipowners’ Union Melina Traulos welcomed 30 merchant marine academy students to the offices of the Union of Greek Shipowners. The president responded to the request of the Naval Chronicles to grant an interview, choosing as her interlocutors, not only journalists, but mainly young men and women students of the naval profession.

Union of Greek Shipowners: 100 Scholarships to support the new generation

The president of the UGS, Melina Travlos, welcomed young men and women students from the Merchant Marine Academies of Syros, Kymi and Hydra to the headquarters of the collective representative body of the Greek merchant fleet. He chatted with them and answered their questions, effectively starting an open dialogue with the new generation of sailors. The president stated that this specific initiative of open dialogue will continue, while she committed to visit the AENs, in the context of her personal and on-the-spot briefing on the issues that concern public maritime education.

In the context of the meeting, the president of the USG invited the students of the three academies to introduce themselves in turn and voice their concerns, giving them the floor, as she characteristically said.

The students’ questions covered a wide range of topics, from the public image of shipping and the position of women in it, to the initiatives of Greek-owned shipping to reduce its environmental footprint. At the same time, issues that concern the students of the maritime academies regarding the challenges of the maritime profession and their career prospects were discussed.


Κυριάκος – Αλέξης: «Χράτσα-χρούτσα, χράτσα-χρούτσα, κι ό,τι καταφέρουμε…»


Κυριάκος – Αλέξης: «Χράτσα-χρούτσα, χράτσα-χρούτσα, κι ό,τι καταφέρουμε…»

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Mrs. Travlou pointed out the importance of the new generation of seafarers, saying: “The future of Greek shipping are young people, women and men, who will play a leading role in the sector. My vision is for Greek shipping to continue to be a global leader. And to be proud, not only of the number and quality of our ships, but also of the superiority of Greek men and women in the human resources of our shipping. Because it’s the people who make the difference in our work.”