Stavros and Andreas Andreadis, were presented with the 24th Lifetime Achievement Award as recognition of their innovative work in the development and promotion of their Sani & Ikos resorts in Greece and across the Mediterranean and their significant contribution to the restoration of luxury hospitality as a profitable investment idea.

The award ceremony took place at the annual International Hospitality Investment Forum (IHIF) in Berlin on May 16. The recognition is offered to those who have gone above and beyond to create legacies within the hospitality industry.

“We are honoured to receive the IHIF Lifetime Achievement Award alongside illustrious hospitality leaders and innovators,” the Andreadis brothers said in a statement. “The Sani/Ikos story is the result of a lifetime of commitment, teamwork and passion for hospitality. With the creation of Sani Resort 50 years ago, followed by the pioneering concept of Ikos Resorts, our family business has grown into various prime destinations across the Mediterranean, welcoming guests to indulgent experiences and exemplary service from the heart.”

This venture, with the support of our Co-CEO and Co-Managing Partner, Mathieu Guillemin, has marked record-breaking performance, and lead to a partnership in 2022 with GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund and one of the largest investors globally, they said. “We are proud to show, through continued growth, that the resort sector is one of the most innovative hospitality segments, as well as an attractive opportunity for hospitality investors.”

The Andreadis family founded Sani Resort in 1970, with Stavros and Andreas taking over the management at a young age. Stavros, as President, together with his brother Andreas, as CEO, have shaped Sani to become the leading luxury family resort in Greece.