Santorini is a unique island formed by the volcanic erruption in ancient years. It is well known for the most romantic and beautiful sunset in the world as well as for local food products with unique taste as cherry tomatoes and “fava”. It’s a dream destination for honeymooners and the number one destination for weddings.

1. The Sunset

santorini-sunsetThe Sunset in Santorini is the most beautiful and well – known in the world. What makes it so unique is that you can admire from the top of the cliffs the color pallete that is being created in the horizon as the sun dives into the Aegean sea. The colors change from deep red to yellow, orange and purple, as the sun sinks into the Aegean Sea and turns golden red, reflecting the light of the sea and the surrounding islands, while the volcanic backdrop changes constantly and this coloration, transforms Santorini in a huge postcard.

2. Clean Beaches

The beaches of Santorini are among the most extraordinary in the world due to the volcanic nature of the island. White, red and black sand, vertical cliffs and black volcanic pebbles create an impressive and unique scenery. Dive in their midnight blue waters and relax under the bright sun.

3. The Volcano

santorini-volcanoThe active volcano in Santorini has formed the island’s shape as well as its unique beaches and the volcanic elements have enriched the soil, giving the distintictive taste of its agricultural products and excellent wine. Nowadays, the volcano is one of the biggest attractions in the island. Daily trips to the volcano are available from Vlichada and other parts of the island.

4. Food with unique taste and flavor

cherry-tomatoesThe volcanic soil of the island produces many of the main ingredients of the delicious local dishes: Cherry tomatoes, fava beans, white aubergines and grapes with unique and distinctive taste.

5. Wineries

wine tastingThe vineyards of Santorini, with a 3,500-year history, is a World Heritage site. Locals are still preserving the traditional way of pruning, called “kouloura” and harvesting. The vines stay close to the ground and form a spiral, “kouloura” in greek language, a natural basket that hosts the grapes and protects them from the strong wind. The island is full of wineries, who produce Assyrtiko, the famous Greek variety as well as white, dry wines with high acidity, intense minerality and a remarkable ageing potential. They are open to the public offering a wide range wine tasting experience.

6. Fira for amazing nightlife or Oia for relaxation

Whether you’d like to party all-night or seeking for relaxion and calm, Santorini is the ideal place for you. Fira, the capital of the island offers breathtaking views to the volcano and a vivid nightlife. Oia is situated in northern part of the island and is known for its neoclassical mansions, small churches and the narrow cobbled paths offering a more relaxing experience.

7. Bright and White

White is the dominant color of all buildings in Santorini, which shimmering under the bright sun. The white villages stands at the top of the red-coloured cliffs creating an astonishing scenery.

8. Weddings

santorini-weddingSantorini, is the idyllic place for weddings and newlyweds as well a romantic gateway for couples. Many couples are getting married in the island as the sun dives into the Aegean sea to bring them good luck. According to feng shui, when a couple stands in a higher level from the sun as it westerns, then is a good sign for a lifetime of love and happiness.

9. Luxury and More in Santorini

Santorini is more than luxury itself, offering high quality services of 5 star hotels and boutique hotels,  Villas And Suites in Oia & Foinikia, in Fira – Firostefani – Pyrgosin Megalochori – Kamari – Perissa,  in Imerovigli, Resorts and 4 star hotelsluxury transfer services, yachts, upscale beach bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

10. Authentic Greek Hospitality

The real value of hospitality is people who cordially welcome their guests. Greeks are known as the most hospitable in the world since ancient years and in Santorini there is no exception.

Visit the paradise of Santorini and have an unforgettable experience…