10) Mystras : Far beyond the Legends…

Mystras was one of the last places that fell in the hands of the Ottoman Empire and as such it still has the aura of Legacies.

This trully is a place where magic and history blend together with nature is a breathtaking combination…

9) Halkidiki: There is no place like Halkidiki!…

Just one hour away from Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, Halkidiki (also spelled Chalkidiki) is a Heaven on Earth!

It attracts people from all over the world and from the Balkan inland. The Caribbean-like beaches will leave you in awe…

8) Olympia : The birthplace of the Olympic Games

The UNESCO accredited Olympia has some of the best preserved monuments and temples in all of Greece.

But the valley next to Olympia also has some incredible hiking and mountain bike trails and is situated close to the spectacularly beautiful Alfos River Valley.

7) Meteora: Empire of the clouds!

Are you a fun of Game of Thrones? If yes, then the view of this landscape will be amazingly rewarding for you as the area was actually used as the backdrop for the Eyrie castle in the sky.

The monasteries on top of the gigantic rocks create an atmosphere the kind of which only a handful of places around the globe can create.

6) Rhodes: The island of the Knights!

Rhodes has a reputation of having one of the best-preserved castles of the world. An island full of history but also with infinite corners, angles and roads you will want to take a picture of.

The beaches of white sand and transparent clear waters will make not want to leave…ever!

5) Zakynthos : An island of captivating beauty

It’s probably the most photographed shipwreck in the world. Navagio beach, as it is called, is a place that only if you actually go down there for a swim you be able to feel its beauty no photo can capture!

But Zakynthos as a whole -the town, the villages, the people- is the kind of place that will make you want move there…permanently!

4) Athens : So much more than the place where democracy was born…

Yes, the Acropolis. Who doesn’t know the Parthenon? But have you seen the beautiful view of the sea from Faliro? The ancient Greek cemetery of Keramikos? Have you wondered among the pubs, bars and tavernas at Psiri?

No? Well, next summer you know what you must do!

3) Nafplio : The first capital of the new Greek state

One of the most romantic towns you will ever visit.

The long walks in its beautiful alleys will make you believe you are traveled back in time…

2) Corfu: You all know the Aegean Sea, but who said that all the Greek beautiful islands are there?

Behold Corfu in the Ionian Sea!

Crystal clear waters, different landscapes that are impossible for one to think they are all in the same island, but above all one of the most beautiful towns of the Mediterranean.

10) Santorini : It’s not a beautiful post cart picture. It’s a real place on Earth!

Thousands are drawn to the beauty of this island every year from every corner of the world. Why?

It has everything: The view, the volcanic beaches, the white and blue picturesque houses, the Aegean breeze…

​Source : en.protothema.gr