Mykonos – Santorini- Greek South Aegean Islands Promo team is planning to penetrate into four new tourism markets worldwide targeting to high profile travelers from Brazil, Tel Aviv, Doha and Beirut.

After the successful participation in WTM London, the team is heading to top travel shows in new and existing target markets that are important for the Aegean islands, Mr Kostas Skagias, strategy manager and responsible for the implementation of Mykonos – Santorini- Greek South Aegean Islands Promo Project, which is under the auspices of Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce in New York, stated το Cosmos Fm radio and the journalist Mr Panos Santzoglou.

Mr Skagias pointed out that North America remains the top tourism market for the Aegean islands destinations. It is in the top most important tourism markets for Greece, especially for Mykonos and Santorini.

“American travelers our the ideal travelers for us. Thus, we focus all our efforts to provide them with high quality services, the authentic Greek hospitality, unique experiences that will make them visit us over and over again”, strategy manager and responsible for the implementation of Mykonos – Santorini- Greek South Aegean Islands Promo Project said.

In this context, the project’s team will participate in the 2018 New York Times Travel Show as well as will organize two unique events for New Yorkers to experience the vibes of Mykonos nightlife and the ambience of Santorini’s sunset.

Mr Skagias, also, highlighted the significant role of the project’s team in attracting upscale tourists in the Aegean islands:

“Our team provides visitors and buyers in travel shows with accurate, correct and updated information related to Aegean islands destinations. In facebook and other social media we prompt them to contact us and send us their request. We provide them with any piece of information- from ferry and flights to night clubs, hotels, restaurants, shopping, etc. Thus, travelers are able to organise their trip in detail and feel pretty sure they won’t face unpleasant surprises during their stay in the Aegean islands. In all our activities we promote our platinum members that offer high quality services and authentic Greek hospitality experiences”.

Mr Skagias invited Americans and Greek Americans to visit one or more Aegean islands next summer: The cosmopolitan Mykonos, the picturesque Santorini, the religious island of Tinos with its unique arhitecture, the pure white island of Paros, the dreamlike Serifos, the erotic Milos with unparalled beaches, Ios – the island of contrasts, unique Andros, the incredible and undiscovered – even for Greeks- island of Astypalaia and the biggest island of Cyclades, the magical Naxos.

Mykonos and Santorini are sea and air junctions connecting them with other Aegean islands. The islands’s connectivity is expected to improve with the operation of Hydroplanes next summer.

In this way, the travelers can easily combine their holidays in the popular and cosmopolitan destinations of the Aegean, acquiring unique experiences and discovering authentic destinations full of color, history, tradition and taste.