Greek South Aegean Islands Promo manager, Mr. Kostas Skagias met with Director of GNTO office for  USA – Canada, Mrs Greta Kamateros.

They mainly discussed about the  new action plan and program which will bring more American tourists in the Aegean islands as well as how to penetrate into niche travel markets such as multi generation trips.

During the meeting, Mr. Skagias showcased the new mobile applications and interactive social networking tools, which are designed by a team of experts in the fields of new technology and tourism from London, New York and Mykonos (MTC Group team and These apps combine the traditional forms of promotion with the digital innovative technology, aiming to to attract upscale millenial visitors to Mykonos and to enhance their knowledge for the Aegean islands.

“Mrs Kamateros’s contribution to the increase of the arrivals of American visitors in Greece is indisputable. Since, she has been the Director of the GNTO office for USA – Canada, the American tourism flows to Greece shows double – digit growth every year. It is our honor to support her in this very important effort and to provide her with as much help as we can.”, Mr Skagias stated.