Tourism revenues increased by 63.8% to 732.9 million euros compared to 2019

Inbound tourist traffic increased by 7 4.7% in the first quarter of the year, which translates to 1,072 million incoming tourists. This development, according to the data of the Bank of Greece, resulted in tourism revenues recording a 63.8% increase in the same period to 732.9 million euros. In more detail, travel traffic through airports increased by 64.6%, while through road stations by 104.7%.

During the reviewed period, travel traffic from EU-27 countries amounted to 898.7 thousand travelers, showing an increase of 51.7% compared to the corresponding period of 2022, while travel traffic from non-EU countries -27 increased by 103% and amounted to 975.5 thousand travellers.

Travel traffic from euro-area countries increased by 40.2%, while travel traffic from EU-27 countries outside the euro area increased by 80.4%. In particular, travel traffic from Germany increased by 4.4% and reached 158 thousand travelers, while that from France increased by 72.7% and reached 92.8 thousand travelers.

In countries outside the EU-27, travel traffic from the United Kingdom increased by 61.9% to 148.3 thousand travelers and that from the USA increased by 129.6% to 86.5 thousand travellers. Finally, the travel traffic from Russia decreased by 48.4% and amounted to 4.5 thousand travelers.

In terms of receipts, a 31.8% increase was recorded in receipts from residents of EU-27 countries, which amounted to 318.7 million euros, as well as receipts from residents of countries outside the EU-27 by 102.2 %, which amounted to 409.6 million euros.

In particular, receipts from residents of the eurozone countries amounted to 266.9 million euros, which increased by 35.8%, while receipts from residents of the EU-27 countries outside the eurozone showed an increase of 14.5 % and amounted to 51.8 million euros.