Mr. Patiniotis is the owner and manager of 20 5stars and 4stars hotel complexes with over 400 beds in total. All said accommodations have a strong presence from Oia to Santorini’s Akrotiri.

According to Mr. Patiniotis, the main reason why one should visit Santorini is the uniqueness of the Caldera and all this miracle that nature alone has created.
The main reason why one will choose to visit the accommodations, is the service they will receive during their vacation. The continuous investment in customer service, as well as in their maximum satisfaction, are not only based on frivolous words but on university level certified seminars and on continuous in-depth staff training at every level.

The relation with the customer is so important that is precisely why Mr. Patiniotis has established a trained Guest Relations department with the purpose of creating a “chain” with the client.

Another key factor in customer service is the maintenance of the same fixed staff for many years, so that there are “columns” on the inside that support teamwork, the right product that is delivered to the visitor.

Regarding online marketing, the place of the hotels is strengthened by platforms like Booking, Webhoteliel, direct booking, etc. where most of the bookings come from, as well as the presence in Social media such as facebook, instagram, etc. Special emphasis is also given to reviews, with a proper assessment, however, and when they are written by hotel guests and not arbitrary comments made by any sources.

The main visitors of the hotels are Americans, Europeans, and the Indians have shown an increase over the years. Although Santorini is a destination primarily for couples, there are accommodations that are fully equipped to accommodate families. The tourist season begins in March until mid-November, but aims to make Santorini an All Year Destination.

Mykonos based office of Hellenic American Chamber of Tourism for the Aegean Islands.