Katikies Luxury Resorts consist of seven Top 5* Luxury Boutique Hotels with a total of 111 luxury rooms, five of which are in Oia, Imerovigli and Fyrostefani in Santorini and two in Mykonos with a total of 51 rooms.

According to Mr. Georgiadis, the main reason why one must visit Santorini is because Santorini does not compare to any island, it is something that one has to see for at least once in their life! It is a destination that, apart from the huge tourist development, has equally developed other fields such as arts, gastronomy, wine production and many high-level hotel complexes.

Now, to the question “Why should one choose one of your hotels,” the answer was that what makes a difference is that, even though there are now many impressive accommodations in excellent locations, none of them can copy the level of service provided by Katikies Group.
“Katikies Hotel is what sets the standards and everyone follows. It holds the highest level of service.”

The relation with the customer is not something that begins with their arrival at the hotel and ends with their departure. It is a constant and discreet relation that is maintained throughout the entire year, keeping on communicating with them through social media, exchanging wishes, showing the simple human interest of a friendly relationship.

The excellent level of service is something that stems from the group’s human resources. By maintaining year-long professional relationships with staff, the company manages to support its work with a fully trained group of people. With continuous training from Hotel Brain, before and during the season, but also with extra trainings from Leading Hotels of the World (of which 3 of the hotels are members), it can equip its staff with the maximum level of knowledge regarding the excellent customer management.

Following the customer’s importance for the group, there is the attitude towards criticism, since it is something that they ask of their clients every day. This begins before their arrival concerning what they believe, during their stay with in-room questions, but also after studying the reviews on any online platform they could be posted.

As far as online marketing is concerned, the presence there is multifaceted with the participation and daily professional management of social media such as facebook, instagram etc. Also on platforms such as Google, Booking, Expedia etc, which has as a result that the largest volume of reservations comes from them.

The duration of the season is from April to November with visitors being mainly couples or groups of friends in an age range from early 30s to late 60s. Most of the visitors come from the United States, England, Brazil, China, France, Australia, Canada, and so on.
Katikies Group’s goal for the future is to maintain the first place in the visitors’ choices for Santorini, as well as to introduce Katikies Mykonos to the market of Mykonos.

Mykonos based office of Hellenic American Chamber of Tourism for the Aegean Islands.