Dogen City would measure 4 km (almost 2.5 miles) in circumference

Japan’s N-Ark has revealed plans for an incredibly ambitious floating city that would host tourism, medical facilities, and even space rockets. Named Dogen City, it would be designed to take any climate change-related sea rises in its stride and provide power, food and water for up to 40,000 people.

Dogen City would measure 4 km (almost 2.5 miles) in circumference. It would have a capacity for approximately 10,000 full-time inhabitants, plus there could also be up to 30,000 tourists visiting at any time. Its circular form would be designed to withstand severe weather and even tsunamis, though no further details are available at this early stage.

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We do know that the project would be arranged into three distinct areas: the so-called habitable ring containing the main housing zone, an undersea data center which would be naturally cooled by the sea and contain city management and medical research facilities, and floating architecture within the artificial bay created by the ring-shaped structure.