This year’s event also featured an unprecedented dîner de gala with the high-quality flavors of the top Italian chef Davide Scabin!

On the evening of Monday, February 18th, the ceremony of the “Golden Hat” awards for 2019 was held at the “Great Britain” hotel. This year’s event featured not only the 28 top restaurants but also the unprecedented dîner de gala which featured the high-quality flavors of the top Italian chef Davide Scabin as well as hammers, scissors and dishes from…space!

With respect to this year’s famous restaurants, the “Etrusco” Corfu is again at the top once more as the best restaurant in Greece, while the second place is shared by three Athenian restaurants, “Spondi”, “Varoulko Seaside” and “Botrini’s”. The public’s award went to Thessaloniki’s “Harupi”.

Let’s take a look at the restaurants and the points they received. It should be reminded that the score scale of the “Golden Hat” awards is:
18.5/20, 19/20, 19.5/20, 20/20: Distinction

16.5/20, 17/20, 17.5/20, 18/20: Excellent

15/20, 15.5/20, 16/20: Very Good

“Etrusco”, Corfu: 17/20 (2 Golden Hats)

The following restaurants have won one “Golden Hat”:

“Botrini’s”, Attica: 16/20

“Spondi”, Attica: 16/20

“Varoulko Seaside”, Piraeus: 16/20

“Fresco”, Halkidiki: 15.5/20

“Lycabettus Restaurant”, Santorini: 15.5/20

“Matsuhisa Myconos”, Mykonos: 15.5/20

“Premiere”, Attica: 15.5/20

“Squirrel”, Halkidiki: 15.5/20

“Treehouse”, Halkidiki: 15.5/20

“Tudor Hall”, Attica: 15.5/20

“Aleria”, Attica: 15/20 – NEW ENTRY

“Alfredo’s Grand Dining”, Thessaloniki: 15/20

“Calypso”, Crete: 15/20

“CTC”, Attica: 15/20

“Dionysos”, Crete: 15/20

“GB Roof Garden”, Attica: 15/20

“Grandma’s”, Ios: 15/20 – NEW ENTRY

“Hytra”, Attica: 15/20

“Koukoumavlos”, Santorini: 15/20

“La Veranda”, Mykonos: 15/20 – NEW ENTRY

“Matsuhisa Athens”, Attica: 15/20

“Noble Gourmet Restaurant”, Rhodes: 15/20

“Tomato”, Halkidiki: 15/20

“Ovac”, Santorini: 15/20 – NEW ENTRY

“Patio”, Attica: 15/20

“Moon”, Santorini: 15/20

“Water Restaurant”, Halkidiki: 15/20