Thirassia Island: A Perfect Escape

In places like Thirassia, we rediscover the true heart of Greece, and reconnect with  the peace of the unique  Cycladic landscape.

And we have very important reasons to believe that Thirassia island is a perfect escape from the ordinary travel.

If you love undiscovered places and immersive experiences, let Nicole guide you to her favourite place in the world, her island, that as she says: “Thirasia to me is the true meaning of life: Simple things complete us”.

Authentic Travel Experiences

Thirassia Island, a perfect Escape
A perfect Escape on Thirassia Island


We love Greece! We love Greece for its endless diversity, the warm and hospitable locals, the gastronomy, the culture, the history, the nature, the sea and one more million reasons.

One of them is, of course, her wonderful Greek islands. Cyclades is an amazing group of islands. You probably know the best loved Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini which are famous all over the world. But Cyclades have also some small islands, undiscovered, unspoiled, and untouched from massive tourism. Greek islands, like hidden gems shining in the deep blue Aegean sea offering a totally different type of luxury: the luxury to travel back in time, the luxury of privacy, the luxury of the most authentic form of a personalised service. And Thirassia island is, without a doubt, one of the best examples!

In places like Thirassia, we rediscover the true heart of Greece, and reconnect with  the peace of the unique  Cycladic landscape.

Thirassia island is only one nautical mile away from the famous Oia village in Santorini. It used to be one island with Santorini, but the volcanic eruption of 1600 BC cut the island  into some type of smaller parts which we see today as Thirasia, the volcano and Asrponisi.

Before you arrive here on Thirassia, you have no idea what to expect. If you ask someone in Santorini about Thirassia, you will get one common answer: “Tt has nothing!’

However, when you arrive and start walking from one side to the other with Nicole, you realise that what you have in front of you is just everything!

The untouched cave houses with pumise stone that was mined on the island to built the Suez canal, the colourful houses totally untouched by any modern retouch, the absolutely stunning view from the top of the village and the caldera to Manolas bay and the unforgettable view to the Aegean sea and to Santorini which is right across in the horizon from the monastery of the island on the edge of the caldera, the one and only bakery and so much more.

No doubt why some celebrities when they travel to Santorini choose to take that walk on the wild side of Thirassia to experience how it feels to discover a totally untouched by the tourism evolution place.

Since the day we made the tour with Nicole, Thirassia is one of our top things to do in Santorini and we knew we had to include this beautiful travel experience in our exclusive portfolio for our Unforgettable Greece travellers. Although, you do this tour away from Santorini, again you are so close to it that it is too good to miss it when in Santorini. Especially if you are looking to escape the crowds and the ordinary.

As we love the passion and the connection the locals have with their place, we asked Nicole, who is part of our Unforgettable Greece partners to give us her story about why Thirassia should be on your backet list when you search for authentic and immersive local experiences.


Stunning View to Santorini

An old cave house in Thirassia island
The view to Santorini from Thirassia Island

What is your connection with Thirassia Island?

I was born in Brooklyn, New York from a Greek mother and a father who was first generation American citizen from Greek parents originating from a small island in Santorini, called Thirasia.

When I was 3 years old, my parents decided to move back to Greece. Since then all my summer holidays, from childhood till teenhood , were spent on Thirasia island. After my high school graduation I moved to Toronto, Canada  and studied Travel & Tourism. While spending eight-years stay away from my family and Thirasia island my love towards them and the warm memories grew up and strengthened my desire to return. It was not easy to adjust – I admit. I had to go through difficult times in my personal and professional career, but in the end not only I managed to run successfully my family owned agency located in Athens, but also to open a branch office on Thirasia island.


Why did you start the walking tours? What brought you back to your roots?

One feeling is responsible: LOVE

Love for nature, love for the animals,love for the people, love for life. Visiting Thirasia is the ultimate highlight experience when you really want to admit that you have been to Santorini. I am being totally honest – I cannot lie as people will witness my truth and comment on any social network. Thirasia is only 1 nautical mile away from Oia’s port and yet through my walking tour visitors will walk back in time, some 50 years ago, smell and taste whatever this forgotten land has to offer while learning the local history and traditions. By the end of the tour visitors become ”Thirasians” and feel the so called  Greek ”KEFI” and ”Filoxenia” in their hearts.


What does Thirasia mean to you?

This little land of 150 permanent residents with the few restaurants, mini markets  and the  1 and only  bakery is my paradise. For the majority of people this land has nothing, to me it has everything.

The tranquillity coming from the natural sounds of mother earth – as we do not have many vehicles on the island- allow you to fill all your senses. Walk through fields with vineyards, wild canyons eager to be explored, watch magnificent volcanic views but also the sunrise and the sunset, taste fresh organic fruits and vegetables , talk with gentle people with remarkable background, pet people friendly animals such as horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, cats.

Thirasia to me is the true meaning of life: Simple things complete us. Simple things set us free. On this land I feel completely released from all material things and have the opportunity to offer any volunteer work with unconditional love.

At this point I would like to thank my husband, Yannis, who is being supportive on my life change experience and his contribution to bring Electric mountain bikes as an optional tour around the island.



Thirassia Island Greece Santorini
Nikol Thirassia Island

How will Thirasia look in 5 years from now?

Thirasia, as I mentioned, is only 1 nautical mile from Santorini, so it is impossible for it to avoid development. We want growth but in certain way and rhythms that will not ruin the authentic character. Currently a few hotels are being build which will operate in 2021 and also a few winemakers have been investing on our land. My personal vision is to see Thirasia being a huge vineyard.

Is it safe to visit Thirasia during Covid 19?

Our tours by taking place on an open space and allowing enough distance between the visitors is making it ideal for a safe destination to visit.

I am looking eager and happy to share with all visitors the deep meaning of what Thirasia is all about. Because this is not just a dry volcanic land.

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