Overall, Greece’s 14 largest regional airports saw their July arrivals rise 11.1% to 5.9 million passengers compared to the same month of 2019, the last year before the Covid-19 pandemic started, but gains have not been evenly distributed and, at four of them, arrivals still lag those of 2019.

The biggest gains were posted by Santorini (36.2%), Hania and Corfu, with about 21% each, Mykonos (16.6%) and Rhodes (10.4%).

On the other hand, in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest airport after Athens, arrivals were 9.6% lower than in 2019; other airports with lower arrivals than in 2019 include Mytilene (-13.3%), Kavala (-12.8%) and Skiathos (-6.8%).

Source: ekathimerini.com