There is a positive trend in demand at the moment and that is why we have brought the first arrivals four weeks earlier, said the head of TUI Fly

Τhe head of TUI Fly, Oliver Lackman, estimates that three million tourists from European countries will come to Greece through the airline this year.

He said this during the naming ceremony of a TUI Fly aircraft that took place at Heraklion airport “N. Kazantzakis “in the presence of the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias. This is a new Boeing 737 max aircraft, which from now on will fly under the name “Heraklion” with “godmother” being track and field champion Irini Vassiliou.

In his speech, Mr. Kikilias expressed his joy for the choice to give the name “Heraklion” to the aircraft, said that he is optimistic for this year’s tourist season and clarified that any success is the result of great effort.

“We are making a comprehensive, organized and strong effort, so that we can help more people come to our country. For quality travelers, who leave more currency, who respect our customs and our culture, who love our country and who come again and again and support the hundreds of thousands of people of the tourism sector, which is the locomotive of the Greek economy “, noted Mr. Kikilias.

Oliver Lackman, after referring to the close ties with Greece and especially Crete, stressed: “We estimate that we will bring three million tourists from all over Europe to Greece and we are very happy that Greece is once again high in the demand for tourism destinations “. He added that Greece remains one of the most popular destinations for TUI customers from Germany and all countries of origin of customers in Europe, while Crete, as every year, is one of the top destinations in the company’s program.

“There is a positive trend in demand at the moment and that is why we have brought the first arrivals four weeks earlier,” explained the head of TUI Fly, adding that 60 additional flights are scheduled for April.

Mr. Lackman also stated that despite the negative events in Ukraine “at the moment there is no visible impact on tourism and reservations, especially in Greece, and we believe that it is positive for our customers, after a long pandemic and travel restrictions to enjoy a pleasant vacation again “.